Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been in a bad funk, have had some health problems, and have lost all creative juices and any sort of will power to do much of anything. Think California drought.

But I’ve also been busy getting engaged!!! My bf of almost 9 years (9 in mid May) recently proposed so now I’m in wedding planning crazy mode! I’ve been super busy so it’s been about two weeks since I’ve even visited tumblr. I apologize in advance as you may find any of the following spamming your dash: general wedding stuff including dresses, invitations, designs, colors etc, also tea and coffee.




Let me tell you something about Dick. When he quit being the Boy Wonder he was quiting a partnership, he was growing to be a man, then he became Nightwing he was his own man he was free and at last he became Batman the leader, he had to learn to be the head of a team. I have seen the whole process of as some might say “The Evolution of Dick Grayson” and this process made me realize… Richard John Grayson,  Flying Grayson, First Robin, Nightwing and Batman II never lost his wonder.

#ummm #this is brilliant #and exactly right #the ‘wonder’ is what makes him Dick #it’s what makes him the optimism and hope of the batfam #and the most brilliant leader and connected member of the cape community #dick grayson #meta #favorite things #i would say though that while he’s always had wonder #the evolution came from learning to love falling #to love gravity and the harshness of life #because it taught him to appreciate the bright points in life all the more #to hold even tighter to the wonder 

I was about to reblog this with a tag about how i love everything here when I suddenly realized that the above tags were awfully familiar…I then I realized that I wrote them like 2 months ago and now i’m just absurdly proud.

So, yes, I’m reblogging this like a little kid pointing at the lopsided sandcastle she made while screaming “look mommy, look what I made!!!! Isn’t BUTIFUL?” god why does anyone even follow me

The only thing I would disagree with here is that Dick learned to be a team leader earlier as the head of the Teen Titans, Outsiders for a while, etc. I do think being Batman he had to be a different type of leader and had to approach things with a blend of the Dark Knight and Dick Grayson. And essentially play big brother/father figure to Damian.

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